Things That Piss Me Off: The “N-Word” and Sherri Shephard


Sherri Shephard of the View needs to stop thinking she can be an advocate for the feelings of Black people…at least until she can get herself a working vocabulary strong enough to allow her to express those feelings. Either that or she needs to learn how to compose herself while under pressure…like the pressure of someone posing an intelligent question.

Otherwise she will continue to be as she appears to the rest of us: the appointed comic relief hire that somehow became self-aware and now feels it gets to have opinions out loud with the big folks!
On more than one occasion, Ms. Shephard, in trying to keep up with the greater conversation around the table, has embarrassed herself by speaking without thinking…or while thinking really hard, which for her adds up to the same thing!

She has exclaimed before a live studio audience that she felt “hot like a ho!” after a glass of wine during one View segment.  During a conversation about evolution vs. creationism, she confessed to not knowing whether or not the earth is flat. She often lets her strong religious beliefs (which, of course I have no direct beef with) stand in the way of documented chronological history and science.
Let’s just call a spade a spade people: the woman just ain’t that bright!

I let a lot of this stuff slide because…hey it’s Sherri Shephard, who REALLY gives a shit, right?!

But the pièce de rèsistance came this past Monday when Miss Thang –er—Shephard freaked tha fuck out on Barbara Walters for contextually repeating a version of the “N-word” (nigger, should you be wondering) in reference to the name of Republican Texas governor Rick Perry’s family hunting lodge, affectionately called “Niggerhead.”

The video of the conversation is below but here’s what happened:

Whoopi is telling the story as it is (you, know, like Whoopi does) and Barbara is co-signing. They are BOTH talking about how ridiculous and inappropriate and cringe-worthy this is. Everyone is in agreement…then here comes Sherri!

Basically, Sherri tells Barbara that it is not okay for her to say “nigger.” Period. Why? Because she doesn’t say it like Whoopi or even herself says it. “I don’t like it when you say it. It might be a semantics thing but when you say it, I don’t like it. You don’t say it right!”
Now, don’t get me wrong. On a basic level, I get it. Anyone reading this (I assume my readers are wonderful, intelligent human beings…otherwise why are you even here?!) knows that the word “nigger” carries a horrendous history blahblahyackitysmackity.

And, yes, as a Black person, I can wield the word with a power and authority that my White counterparts had to relinquish to a certain extent in contemporary American society. But that’s just it. Contemporary American Society. How are we ever going to move forward if we’re still stuck on “You can’t say it ‘cause you don’t use it right?”

Now, do I think White folks should be able to use the word “nigger” all willy-nilly? Of course not! Frankly, I think the word should disappear from EVERYONE’S lexicon…even though it does come in SO handy sometimes! I also think we should never forget the America that “nigger” came from!
“So, if I’m reporting on this I can’t say the word?” Barbara asks.

If we can’t have frank discussions on race we’re NEVER EVER EVER FUCKING EVER going to get past racism in America. Okay, feelings will get hurt and people might get mad.

1)how will that be different from where we are now and
2) isn’t that how any relationship worth being in gets to that “next level?”

All I’m really saying is Sherri Shephard is not mature enough to handle discussions like this one. So, The View just needs to trot her out when they need some Black humor that’s a bit smarter than coonery…but not smart enough to come from Whoopi.


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