Lessons 2011 Taught Me


2011 is finally drawing to its conclusion. A lot has happened since last New Year’s Day. Triumphs and defeats. Lessons taught and lessons learned. I’ve decided to put together a small collection of things that I have learned this past year.

Some of these things I knew already but were dramatically confirmed for me. Some things have repeated themselves in wonderful, or, at least, interesting ways!

Again – no particular order here:

1) The only thing aged 18-21 that goes in my mouth from now on…is scotch!!!

2) Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated. The look of surprise on the other guy’s face is priceless!

3) I can do anything, anywhere at any time if need be.

4) It’s possible for my already awesome friends and family to get even awesomer!

5) Compliments don’t mean JACK!
Do something to prove you mean it…because I already knew I was amazing before you spoke.

6) You’re never too old to learn new things.

7) Opportunity rarely, if ever knocks at a time that is convenient for us. Sometimes you gotta drag your ass out of the bed or climb out of the shower and answer anyway.

8) Youth truly is wasted on the young.

9) Don’t hate on them for it…there’s nothing wrong with them that time won’t fix one way or another.

10) There’s a LOT of rickety-ass bandwagons rolling around these days. Think long and hard before jumping onto one.

11) Sometimes people actually do listen when I speak. Whether or not they understand what I’m saying at the time is another story.

12) If 2012 is bringing about the end of the world, I’m going out swinging!

What have you learned? Feel free to add your own lessons to the list!


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