Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days When…


…you swear before all that is holy that the next person that speaks is gonna get suckapunched/mollywhopped/KTFO?

…you just can’t listen to contemporary music without first thrusting the business end of a power tool into your right THEN left earholes?

…you just wanna take EVERY politician, shake them cross-eyed, then point them in the direction of shit that really matters?

…you want to round up all your haters and general critics and force them to spend one day each in your shoes…then time them to see how long it takes before they’re curled into the fetal position in the darkest corner available?  

…you want to take everyone that’s ever said/thought/alluded to the idea that being an artist is not a real occupation and battement them in the chin…ONSTAGE?

…you wanna just say eff it and become a 9 to 5 wage slave and give up the dreams of glory, fame and waitWHATamIsayingrightnow?!

…you get sick of the people in your life that always TALK ABOUT doing shit but are never around to help when you’re busy actually DOING shit?!

…you just generally feel like you are simply OVER everything and everyone that is dumb and/or just not gittin’ it?




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