Things I’ve discovered in 2012

1) I’m expensive!

Okay, really what I’m saying is that I’ve finally realized that there’s nothing wrong with charging what I’m worth for my skills and talents. Granted, what that means is that not everyone that wants to work with me necessarily gets to…but ya gotta set standards sometime, right?


2) Love truly does find you when you’re not looking.

I’m officially in the longest lasting relationship I’ve ever been in with someone I actually care about. Which is kind of sad, considering how long I lasted with some of the cray-cray trash of my past!


3) Trouble is ALWAYS right there if you want it.

Okay, I’ve known this for a while already. But, Lord knows there have been shining, textbook examples of this in my world over the course of the last year. I’m not going into detail here….but DAYUM!!!!!

4) Doomsday soothsayers are ALL full of shit!

Let’s see…Y2K? Came and went without so much as a flicker. The Rapture? Nope, sorry. And, of course the “Mayan prediction” of the end of the world this past December…ZIP! Stop looking for an excuse to give up…shut up and do shit!!!!

5) I’ve become a hardcore TV addict…again.

The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Asylum, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood (even though it sucked this season,) Ink Master…and let’s not even TALK about reruns! Curse you, Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO GO…CUUUUUURRRRRSSSSEEEE YYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! crackish

6) We lost a LOT of awesome people!!!

I mean a LOT!

7) I can’t WAIT to see what 2013 has in store!

I mean, we’re all supposed to be dead now, right? So everything from this point forward is gonna be AWESOME, right?


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