10 Questions Plaguing My Mind

1. Isn’t Nicki Minaj done yet? It was fun and all for a while but I think it’s time to give someone else a chance to say the same verse five different times in five different ways.

2. How come Ann Coulter hasn’t been shot in the kneecaps yet? I’m not saying I wish harm upon her (*cough* *cough*) I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened yet!

3. If Lady Gaga had been a male African dance/music master, would her name be Baba Gaga?

4. Can I have $50?

5. Now that we’ve found love, what ARE we gonna do (with it?)

6. Would you rather: Make out with Jack Nicholson with a cold sore OR George W. Bush perfectly healthy?

7. When is “The View” going to listen to its audience and change itself to “The Whoopi & Joy Hour?”

8. When is Tyler Perry’s “Coonfest” coming on television? It already is? Oh. Never mind!

9. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

10. No, seriously. Can I have $50?


2 thoughts on “10 Questions Plaguing My Mind

  1. Exactly how long did it take u to publish “10 Questions Plaguing My Mind | Mind Infection”?
    It carries plenty of high-quality information and facts.
    Thanks -Caitlin


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