It’s 2014!!! Woo-hoo!!!! So Now What?!


Happy New Year, all!

I sat here this morning, trying to come up with my annual list of lessons that I’ve learned during the previous 365 days.

I couldn’t do it.

It’s not like there’s nothing for me to say, Lord knows. I just couldn’t compel myself to dwell on the past for ONE. MORE. SECOND! I need to get my shit together desperately. In order to do that, I must move myself forward with more intention and discipline if I want to achieve something that at least resembles my goals.

I’ve got to make less excuses and invest more into what I need and want (within reason, of course.)

I have to make peace with the fact that it’s really fucking hard to get back up when you’ve been down for any significant amount of time. Especially when you have to work your way back to where you were when you left off before you can move forward. And, I think it’s fair to say that I set a pretty damned high bar for myself.

I’ve got to stop wanting to do things and fucking do them!

I’ve got to stop looking for validation when I already know that I’m fabulous, dammit! The rest are just slow in realizing. And that’s okay. It won’t be so for much longer.

I’ve got to stop apologizing unnecessarily.

A little extra effort won’t kill me.

2014 is about doing, not talking about doing so…


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