NeverSkurred’s Mind Infection – Apps I Can NOT Live Without


As any one that knows me at all can tell you, I simply live for social media and its technology. I’m constantly writing, posting, sharing, liking, retweeting, favoriting, commenting, reblogging, etc.

Much like anything else I enjoy, I love gathering the best and newest tools to be able to do it better and faster. I have tried and discarded countless applications, extensions and the like that enable me to do just that.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorites. These apps have become essential in creating the fabulousness that is the world of NeverSkurred!


1.)  Evernote  Evernote – With Evernote, I can create lists, make notes, store links, video, pictures, sync them to all of my devices and share them with anyone I choose. I no longer have an excuse for not remembering important tidbits of information. Hell, I created the list for this blog post using Evernote! (available free for Android, iOS, and Mac/PC desktop)


2.)  Tweetdeck-Logo  Tweetdeck – I am currently managing five six Twitter accounts. That’s a lot of social/business circles to keep track of! With Tweetdeck, I can create a table that allows me to view each account’s twitterfeed, mentions and direct message inboxes separately or all at once and in real time. If I come across an article that would be of interest to more than one network, I can tweet from one account and retweet from the rest. With Tweetdeck I can be everywhere in the twitterverse at once MWAHAHAHA….ahem. (Unfortunately, Tweetdeck is no longer supported for mobile devices. It is, however available free for Mac/PC desktop.)


3.) Seesmic_Logo  Seesmic – I have a lot to say and a lot of different people to say it to! With Seesmic, I can share my thoughts across several social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I can also view my newsfeed from each of these networks. There is no telling how many times a day I turn to Seesmic to run my mouth! (free and paid versions available for Android, iOS and Mac/PC desktop.)


4.) hootsuite-icon Hootsuite – As I said before, I live for social media. Hootsuite allows me to get in deep with my interactions. Like Seesmic, I can post to various social networks. Like Tweetdeck, I can view all of my feeds in real time. But with Hootsuite and especially with the premium subscription to Hootsuite Pro, I can also schedule posts, collaborate with virtual work groups and track my social media reach using the analytics tool. Besides Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there are app extensions available for Youtube, Tumblr and WordPress.This is what we call Enhanced Social Media Management! (free and paid versions available for Android, iOS and Mac/PC desktop.)


5.) chrome2phone/phone2chrome Chrome 2 Phone/Phone 2 Chrome – This might just be one of the best inventions of the internet age! You need to be using Google Chrome as your web browser to take advantage of the fabulousness. Don’t worry, you won’t regret this choice! Now, say I am sitting at my computer reading an amazing article or what have you. I look at the time…@#$%! I’ve got a train to catch but don’t want to wait until I get back home to finish reading. What do I do? Simply click the Chrome 2 Phone extension, et voila! The link is sent to my mobile device and I can continue with that wonderful article with seamless ease.

Phone 2 Chrome does the reverse, except the link is added to a links folder in my connected Dropbox account…more on that very soon. (both are free and available for Android, iOS and Chrome Web Store)


6.) MetroUI-Apps-Dropbox-icon Dropbox – Thank God for the cloud! I. Love. Dropbox! Dropbox is a free storage service that allows me to put my documents, photos, music and video files in one location. I can then access them via mobile or any computer…from anywhere! I can create shared folders so that others may access select media. Dropbox gives 5GB of storage for free upon signup. For each person I refer to the service, I receive an addition 500MB of space. I’m currently up to 9GB. Starting at $99/year I can upgrade my account to hold up to 500GB of space. (available free for Android, iOS and Mac/PC desktop.)


7.)  pushbullet Pushbullet – This is a new find for me. Pushbullet is an app that sends all notifications from my mobile device and displays them on my desktop via a Google Chrome extension. My mobile device doesn’t need to be anywhere near. I can even see text messages and incoming calls. This is awesome for me because my phone is ALWAYS buzzing and I don’t always feel like picking it up every time to see what it’s about. Now I don’t have to! I can also push files and links to my phone from free for Android, iOS and MAc/PC desktop)


8.) found Found – I have been team Android/PC forever. I recently bought a macbook and have since been begrudgingly admitting that I enjoy it. Found is one of the reasons why. Found is the ultimate search app for Mac. Simply double-click the “control” key and a pop-up menu appears. I type in the item I am searching for and Found will search my entire Mac, along with my DropBox, Evernote and Gmail accounts for what I need. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved! (available free in the Mac App Store)


So, these are MY favorites. What are yours?





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