NeverSkurred: Stream-of-Consciousness Writing Exercise # 1.

So for my first assignment, I have to write continuously for twenty minutes. No pre-thought. Total stream-of-consciousness. I can do that….I think.

The true test of my writing is when I give myself a topic…hmm….let’s see…





sad princess

Once upon a time in the far off land of Ferocita there was a lonely Princess named Udwelia. She was lonely because nobody wanted to play with a little girl named Udwelia. Not even if she was royalty. Her sisters made fun of her name. Her brother made fun of her name.

Her mother and father, the King and Queen of Ferocita, made fun of her name and they were the ones who named her! When Udwelia would wander through the vast halls of the castle, she would often catch smirks and snickers from the servants. Luckily, she was royalty, so she would promptly have them fired, killed or both. While this was satisfying in the moment, she returned to her melancholy soon enough.

One day, she asked her mother why they gave her such a strange name. Especially if they didn’t like it themselves. ESPECIALLY if they were only going to make fun of their own daughter for it. The Queen looked into her daughter’s eyes and held the gaze for a full sixty seconds.  At the end of that minute, she gently cupped Udwelia’s chin in her tiny hands, which smelled of violet. The princess felt a rush of warmth in her heart at her mother’s touch. It was not very often that anyone in her family expressed affection of any sort toward her. And here she was, her mother’s warm, smiling eyes looking directly into her own.

“Udwel—“ the queen began snickering. Udwelia retreated from her mother’s touch, a look of hurt and disappointment on her face. The queen fell onto her daughter’s bed laughing uncontrollably. “I’m sorry—I’m sorry, my dear! It’s just…you have such a silly name!”

“That’s it!” exclaimed the princess. Nearly trembling with anger and humiliation, she jumped to her feet, grabbed a lovely porcelain bud vase from her nightstand, along with the perfect red rose and the nutrient enriched water contained therein and flung it as hard as she could at her mother’s head.

The vase itself was quite delicate, but the fury that propelled Udwelia’s throw seemed to add more heft to the projectile. The vase crashed right into the center of the Queen’s forehead. The force of the impact knocked her from the bed and onto the floor with a sickening crack and a thud.




Well, that is the end of my twenty minutes of stream-of-consciousness.

I hope you enjoyed it. Are you wondering what happened next? Me too, actually.

Hmmm…let’s say that Udwelia left her mother’s limp body on the floor. Pinned to her gown using a thorn plucked from the rose now lying next to her, was a note which read:


“Mother made fun of my name again. I didn’t like it. Learn from this.

~ Princess Udwelia.”



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