NeverSkurred’s Mind Infection: Ummm…Who The Hell Is This NeverSkurred?!



So, one of my many, MANY problems is that I always think I’m soooo damned smart! Actually this isn’t really a problem for ME…but I digress. Anyway, I’ve been plugging away here at NeverSkurred’s Mind Infection sharing my innermost thoughts and opinions, expecting my readers out there (and you are out there) to instantly connect with me and enjoy what I have to say. In some ways this has actually happened but you know what might really help? An actual, for reals, act-like-my-momma-raised-me-right introduction!

So, here goes!


NeverSkurred was born Charles Tyson, Jr. in Philadelphia, PA about thir–*cough**mumble* years ago. He has always enjoyed writing and his imagination has always leaned toward the twisted, the humorous, the absurd, the dark, the creepy, the silly…you know, the good shit.

He attended university during the hope and optimism of the Clinton administration, which is another way of saying he got a Fine Arts degree. In addition to writing, he nurtured his passions for dance, visual art, music and film…and black nail polish and the word “fuck.”

As a thir–*cough**gag* adult, NeverSkurred has fancied himself a human rights activist/advocate. His main focus in this arena is shining a light on discrimination as it is practiced on so-called racial, sexual and gender minorities aka the entire LGBT community, anyone brown and anyone with a vagina.

Swirl all that together, give it a dance company, and a production company, you get NeverSkurred.

Give it a computer and you get NeverSkurred’s Mind Infection.

I hope I make a little more sense to you guys now! If you would like to ask me any (respectful, intelligent) questions, go right ahead. I’d like to know something about you all as well.

Talk to you again real soon!

— NS



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