NeverSkurred Mind Infection – Writing Assignment #3: Three songs that are of Significance to Me

So today’s assignment is two-fold. First I must celebrate three songs that are significant in some way. I must also write consistently for at east fifteen minutes.


I’m goin’ in!


The first song that I choose to celebrate is “Will You Follow Me” by Rob Dougan. Why? SO many reasons. First off: have you SEEN Rob Dougan?! Yum! Anyway…*wiping drool off my chin*…what was I talking about? Oh yeah! The song.

“Will You Follow Me” comes from his exquisite 2-disc album entitled Furious Angels released in 2002. This song is sheer orchestral bliss. The sweeping strings, the marching pizzicato, ugh! I have decided that it is virtually impossible to listen to this piece and remain in a bad mood. And the ending just feels so…TRIUMPHANT! I’m listening to it as I write this in fact. I think it’s helping.


The second song that I choose to celebrate is “Come On Get Up” by the one and only Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.) You can find this song on her 2001 All For You album, which happens to be my favorite overall album of hers. “Come On Get Up” has a bouncy club beat with lively percussion driving the track. This is another song that I feel is impossible to listen to and stay in a bad mood. I’ve actually tried. Ya can’t!

Go ahead and try. No really…go ahead. I’ll wait.


For my third song I will visit the soundtrack of the 2002 film The Queen of The Damned.  I am in love with the music from this film. I have both the soundtrack and the score, both of which are expertly composed by Jonathan Davis of Korn fame. The one song in particular that always gives me the feels is “System.” The soundtrack to the film is composed of songs that the character of a foppish vampire named Lestat de Lioncourt was to have written when he decided he should be a rock star. Each of the songs is interpreted by a different male rock vocalist.

“System” is blessed by the voice of Mister Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park. I melt a little at the sound of his gravelly growl as he screams the eternal question “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?!” Yes, this song is about draining the lifeblood of another soul…but when you put it that way…who could say no?!

And those are my three songs. In the time it took you to read this post, I have made a playlist of all three and have been rocking out to all of them on shuffle and repeat. And now you probably will as well.

You’re welcome.


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