Mind Infection – About a Loss (Part 1 of 3)

I must admit that when I saw today’s assignment, I didn’t want to do it. We were asked to describe a loss.  More specifically, someone or something that once was a part of our lives and now isn’t.

When I was relatively young, I lost both my parents to cancer fairly close together. Of course, when the subject of loss was introduced, my mind immediately went to that.

But I don’t want to write about that. At least not here. At least not today. But I don’t want to forfeit an assignment now that I’ve got a nice rhythm going. So, I’ll shift my focus a bit to something a little more appropriate.



In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I enjoy writing. I enjoy manipulating language and forcing it to do my bidding, dammit! MWAHAHAHAHA–ahem. Sorry.

A few years ago I was writing constantly. Poetry, short stories, I even started a novel. (BTW, I have since restarted said novel…this time in screenplay form but more on that later, maybe.)

Anyway, I had a pretty substantial body of work going. One day I sat down and took stock of all the pieces that I had accumulated up to that point and suddenly a little voice whispered in my ear. “You should get this published. All of this would make a great book!” I thought about it and decided that that really wasn’t too bad of an idea.

So I wrote some more. I wrote new poems. I tweaked some of the short stories and tried to put some rhyme and/or reason to what was now going to become


My process was a little crazy. I would sit at my computer and type away for hours. When I was away from home, I would write by hand in my journal, then add it to the rest when I got back to my computer. Things were going along swimmingly.

Then one day, I felt that I had done it! I had enough for a book!

I took my trusty ZIP disk (in case you were wondering how long ago this was) and saved the entire contents of my new masterpiece and took it to my local PopCopy shop (whose name I will not mention but it rhymes with Stinko’s. ) I was going to get this thing printed out so that I could see what my new book would look like in manuscript form. Oooh! I was EVER so excited!!!

I left my baby in the capable hands of Mr. Slackjaw McPimpleFace and was told it would be ready in a few hours. Joy! Rapture! Joyous rapture!!!

I returned later, practically skipping in gleeful anticipation…only to be told by Slackjaw (or Slackey to his friends) that they lost my disk.


 That’s right. The fine people at Stinko’s couldn’t keep track of a three-hour-old ZIP disk full to the brim with genius that was destined to be studied in the most prestigious universities, scoured for the deepest meaning in all of the nuanced symbolism of–whathefuckdoyoumeanyouLOSTIT?!

Believe me, dear readers when I tell you that I was truly at a loss. All the emotion was drained from my body. All I could do was shuffle home and fight back tears. My only consolation was that I could go home and make another disk and find some other, more trustworthy purveyor of duplication to handle my brilliance.  It was this thought alone that carried me forward and kept my wrists closed.

The first thing I did when I got home was fire up the computer, determined to find solace in my work. At least it still existed in my–





**blank screen**



My…computer just…cough…my computer just crashed.

No worries. I will just sit here and BREATHE while I count to thirty. And then I will start her up again and all will be well with the world. Right? RIGHT?!








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