Writing Assignment #7 – Give & Take

Today’s writing assignment was to create a dialogue between two contrasting things. Because it seemed like a good idea, I chose to go the silly route.



A Conversation Between An Apple And An Orange


APPLE: Hi, there. I’m Apple.

ORANGE: I’m Orange. Nice to meet you.

(They shake hands)

APPLE: Good to meet you too! I’ve heard a lot about you.

ORANGE: That’s cool. I must say your reputation precedes you as well.

APPLE: Really? What have you heard?

ORANGE: Well…I heard that one of you a day keeps the doctor away.

APPLE: (proudly) True. And I heard that you…make juice.

ORANGE: Yup! It’s true. I do. And I heard that your face is the logo for some computer company or something.

APPLE: Oh yeah! My name too. I’m pretty proud of that. And I heard that you’re also…a color.

ORANGE: Yup! It’s not just a name, it’s a way of life! And apparently when someone really likes someone else, you show up in their eye. Or something.

APPLE: Yeah, I don’t get that one, either. And you’re…um…round.


APPLE: I’m sorry. But I have to say…compared to me you’re kind of boring.

ORANGE: Fuck you. I’m an orange. I don’t have to prove shit to you. Peace. (exits.)

APPLE: Well. That escalated quickly. Hmmph. (takes out Android smartphone and begins playing Angry Birds)




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