Mind Infection – 10 Simple Rules For Interacting With Women


I have no idea why, but I woke up this morning with this list on my mind.


10 Simple Rules For Interacting With Women


1) NEWS FLASH: Women are everywhere. EVEN where they didn’t always use to be. Even in positions of power. Even in positions of power over you. Get over that. Don’t change your behavior, assuming it’s not ass-holic behavior.  Believe it or not, she’s most likely not there to fuck you. Nor was she thinking about it. And if she was thinking about it, she’s not going to tell you here. She’s not in your space. You’re not in her space. You’re in the same space. Be a person.

2) Just because a woman is nice to you doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you. Maybe…just MAYBE…she’s a nice person.

3) Just because you’re nice to a woman doesn’t mean she’s going to fuck you. Maybe…just MAYBE…she thinks you’re a nice person.

4) I understand that when we like a woman, our instinct is to amp up the chivalry and be sweet and nice and helpful in hopes of getting her to like us. It is also our instinct to feel hurt and rejection if she turns down a romantic advance. That makes us human. If you stop being nice to her because she won’t fuck you and start grumbling about “the friendzone,” that makes us an asshole.

5) This is an extension of #4.  A woman can get a guy to fuck her any time she wants. Getting a guy to treat her like a person? Not so easy. Just go with that one and see what happens.

6) A woman doesn’t deserve your sex.

7) A woman doesn’t owe you hers.

8) She isn’t “asking for it” I don’t care what she’s wearing.

9) Ugly words and actions reap ugly rewards…ponder that one for a second.

10) Don’t be an asshole and everything will be just fine.

 Did I miss any?




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