Musings & Observations

Everytime I come close to complaining about being
too busy…I consider the alternative!

The only thing aged 18-21 that goes in MY mouth is Scotch!!!

“You know, fascinating things happen when I go off of birth control!” – Nicole Gaddis

“I’ve never heard anyone call you anything…they just come up and tweak your nipples.” – Nicole Gaddis

“What I really need is somebody on top of me that I can get along with!” – Lauren Williams

“Nothing makes life better than someone you hate getting herpes.”
-Charles Tyson, Jr.

“Improv does not mean acting like an idiot!”
-Anhthi “Maria” Nguyen

“What are you waiting for? The sky ain’t gettin’ any bluer!”
– Troy Everwine

“Me and the words…? We get along.”
-Troy Everwine


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