Fierceness Of The Day/Moment

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(be sure to include photo titles and/or artists’ names/photo credits when available)

Artist unknown
(submitted by Ren Liam)


Cartoon – Bugs Bunny in human form.

 – Sakimi chan

Ruprecht von Kaufmann -  "I’m On Fire" (2009) gouache on canvas
Ruprecht von Kaufmann – “I’m On Fire” (2009) gouache on canvas

Space I

“Space I” by Vitaliy Reznichenko

Scarmiglione - Felix Labisse

Scarmiglione – Felix Labisse

by James Eugene
by James Eugene

"Robin Wood" by Obery Nicolas
“Robin Wood” by Obery Nicolas
Yuko Shimizu
Yuko Shimizu
Diana Eastman
Adonis Leave by  Catalina Ouyang
Adonis Leave by Catalina Ouyang
Aizone Campaign by Sagmeister
Photography by Angelo Musco
“Aqueous” by Mark Mawson
“Taken” by Dave Palumbo


Rain Room
Poster for River North Chicago Dance Company

“The Sinner” by Xetobyte
Bruce Nauman – Dream Passage (2010)
Paris (1929) by Aenne Biermann
Urban Chemeleons by Liu Bolin
by Francesco Salvati
by Pattak
Vasilis Avramidis
Alfio Presotto
Queen Latifah as Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” for O Magazine
Tom: Fall Away by Ryan McGinley (2010)
“Wormwood” by Jane Burton

Geof Kern
“Shift” by Emil Alzamora
“Space Watching” by Joey Chou

by menton3
“Honeycomb” by Julie Dillon

“Pop!” by Kai Carpenter
by Michael Marsicano

From the High Line

Maki Kahori

Gene Kelly

Catpod by clayrodery

Ghost by Jarek Kubicki
Etniez by tebe-interesno

The Knife by Maria Luján

Real Peanuts by Phil Jones

Street Art by 6emeia
Bells by Ner-Tamin

Bodypaintings by Gesine Marwedel
Photo: Tarah Gaa

Robert Hunter
Drink On Fire by Grayson Hartman
You and Me, Baby by Melissa Campa
Lindsay Browning


Gregory Colbert

Simon Kim, “Tempest”
The Fountain by Nimit Malavia
Zena Holloway
Dancer: Lauren A. Williams a.k.a. “Ren”
Photo: Charles Tyson, Jr.

Photo: Charles Tyson, Jr.
Photo Credit: Bill Hebert

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